So what was that Pop up shop about? Good vibes at 152.

Situated in the city centre on Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie, 152 was a brilliant collaborative retail space and networking project starting with it’s launch in October 2018.
The trial project was inspired and driven by Luke Wilson and Ruben Wills from E13 and had many other local people embracing the idea and jumping on board, making contributions to it in any way they could.
It had a pretty short but intensive life span of 3 months which has sadly come to an end, the last day being Monday 31st December 2018.

“We develop artists, produce works, engage audiences, and use arts as a vehicle for social change.”       -E13

Retailers would rent out shelf space aka ‘a retail bay’ on a monthly basis within the store.
The idea was to give local creatives the chance to sell their wares in a central shopfront, without the financial pressure of a huge rent bill or getting stuck with a huge pile of stock needed to fill a shop.
No commission was taken on sales and funds were sent directly to the retailer using the Square point of sale app.
152 was serviced and looked after by a ‘host’ who took care of the shop and the customers and patrons, the front counter, sales and surveys.
Many awesome people generously contributed their time and labour to this role and we really can’t thank them enough for all their help.
And it wasn’t just about selling ‘stuff’, 152 had a very roomy and multi-purpose space for hire too!
You could use the co-working office space with free wifi to get things done, use the kitchen facilities to make a perfect cup of freshly ground coffee all whilst slogging through your daily hard work schedule.
Maybe even just have a chat with another progressive thinker because that’s kind of nice too?!
And there was also a possibility or risk (depending on the mood) of running into a local celebrity who you wouldn’t otherwise cross paths with when routinely cubed up in a normal office cube on a normal office day.
The large ‘Art Gallery’ space was also able to run and host workshops, classes, and one-off events. The space was flexible and able to be changed up and down depending on many factors i.e. different users, projects and budgets.

So to finish up, here’s a list of just a few of the creative people involved.
The ‘Top Dog’ credit goes to Buddy for his efforts in getting the hoomans to stop in with his unrestricted ‘Free Pats’ offer. Good job Buddy.
Ruben and Luke from E13, Mal from Desert Pea Stitching, Ash Sharp, Jarrad Price, KA Fibre Art, Nics Crafty Corner, Lisa Freeth Designs, Max aka the Bucket Drummer, Super Sarah’s Crafts, Crisp and Son’s, Rachel Doring, Pink Sugar, Custom Pallet Furniture made by Luke Wilson, and Mishmash Customs.
It was such a great and meaningful project to support and be involved with.
It was about opening your mind to the changing of old systems and structures that we are all part of. There is more than one way to go about doing something and if we can keep working together it’s got to be more beneficial for everyone in the long run, no doubt about it.
The ideas and motives behind it will continue to grow and have positive meaning for everyone who could see it for what it was, ideas which are ultimately geared towards creating the social change we need in our local community to make the future less archaic.
Proud to be a part of it.

Custom made lighting installation built by Luke
Max @ Yet Another Blog
Buddy loving the attention!!!
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