Light ‘Pacific Jade Rabbits’ 21.5cm cloth pad


21.5cm or 8.5″ Light cloth pad made using a high quality ‘Pacific Jade Rabbits’ cotton print and a microfleece back.

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    Light cloth pad (exposed core) made using a high quality ‘Pacific Jade Rabbits’ cotton print which has also been used as the topper fabric.
    Backed with a royal blue microfleece for a pillowy effect.
    All light cloth pads have a Hidden PUL layer, one layer of hemp fleece and snap closures (two sockets for width adjustments).

    Finished length 21.5cm or 8.5″.
    Approx weight 21 grams
    Snapped width is approx 55mm

    Please wash before use as natural starch has been used during the construction process.
    All fabrics are pre washed (except for synthetics) to prevent any possible distortions in the finished shape.

    PLEASE READ THE LISTING carefully. Your item MAY VARY SLIGHTLY to the one pictured due to uncontrollable variants in fabric ie print placement, tie dye colours.

    Hemp fleece is a highly absorbent fabric, perfectly suited as a core material for these cloth pads.
    The composition of the hemp fleece used here is Hemp 55% Certified Organic Cotton 45% and the thickness is measured as 340gsm. It stiffens when washed and dried but when crumpled up it becomes soft again. It is quite different to bamboo.

    I use a high quality soft 1 mil PUL polyester knit included as a standard hidden layer.
    This excerpt is taken from the suppliers website.
    “…..1 mil PUL is flexible to work with, not “crackly/crunchy” and less likely to crack or split over time as thicker PULs can be. It also provides a high level of breathability. “PUL” is an ancronym for “PolyUrethane Laminate”. It is a process of bonding two fabrics together with a layer of PU (Polyurethane sheet) to make them seem as one.”

    It’s pretty unfortunate but Windpro is not actually produced on a magical “au naturale” Windpro tree!
    Windpro fleeces, microfleece, polar fleeces are also SYNTHETIC PETROLEUM DERRIVED PRODUCTS and contrary to popular belief are in no way more natural or breathable than a hidden PUL layer.

  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Weight .040 g
    Dimensions .215 mm
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