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Mishmash Customs HQ

Mishmash Customs has been been crafting up a weird and quirky collection of embroidery and all sorts of stuff in the small industrious workshop HQ with the official launch date scribbled down somewhere as 2012.
Mishmash HQ is located in the hot sunny goldfields town of Kalgoorlie, West Australia.
Here at Mishmash, we gets the shit done and can give aid to local megalomania projects, or can just start with the basics to include jobs like logo digitising, corporate uniform logos, jackets, shirts, towels, caps. We are even able to make school hats and uniform capable of returning to their owner from the lost property bin.
The studio is overequipped with a few overspecialized machines to help get the aforementioned shit perfected, executed and sent.  
There’s a fetching range of quality handmade goods available right here from the website and on Etsy.
Browse through the grass prairie collection of patches, key fobs, wild bears, cushions and covers, plushies, modern cloth products, RUMP’s, toiletry bags, cosmetic clutches and coin purses.
All featuring a variety of different materials including soft fluffy minky, heat hardened dragon scales, vibrant modern cotton prints, lush velours and organic natural fibers.
Embroidered details are added to a selection of products such as cushion and bag basicness for an extra touch of luxury.
And sometimes it’s just fun to add lame comedic value in some form or a vague pop culture reference from a fandom subculture to domesticated objects.
“I do not feel the need to explain my art to you, Warren.”
Also available is a range of instant download PDF patterns for DIY humans, all professionally and digitally compiled in an easy to read format.
Feel free to make contact regarding custom orders and  appointments for collection of an order or to discuss a design brief. 
Expect a standard turnaround and waiting time for Custom orders of 3-4 weeks. Add on an extra 2 months for Circuses and their Monkeys. 

We also offer some seriously exceptional eco-friendly cleaning skills and services which are available for bookings.
Mishmash & Co. is the auxiliary grindstone of the Mishmash HQ and limited bookings are available.
We look after both residential and commercial properties within the local Goldfields area with references available on request. Rates and info are available here.